jBASE History: 1989-Present



In 1998, the TEMENOS Group AG, a publicly held banking software company based in Switzerland, had significant growth plans for its TEMENOS GLOBUS™ banking system but were restricted by UniVerse, the database technology upon which its products were based. In 1998, TEMENOS undertook an extensive examination of jBASE technology. Benchmarking results in tests against UniVerse showed that the average throughput on jBASE was 2.6-times that of UniVerse. The benchmarking was a clear signal to TEMENOS, and TEMENOS became a jBASE client.



TEMENOS Acquires 100% of jBASE

In 1999, to protect its investment, TEMENOS made a strategic decision to acquire 100% of jBASE Software. With jBASE at the heart of its banking solution, TEMENOS gives clients the freedom to select the best database vendor or environment to suit their own needs including IBM’s DB2, Microsoft’s SQL Server, Oracle or jBASE. The move to jBASE allowed TEMENOS to position itself as a commanding market leader. Since 1999, TEMENOS has grown from a $25 million dollar company to a publicly traded company with revenues exceeding $500 million dollars.



jBASE & Mpower1 International

In 2002, Mpower1 International forged a partnership with TEMENOS and obtained the worldwide support, distribution and existing client rights of the full jBASE product set with the exception of TEMENOS’ own application sales. jBASE International became the exclusive distributor of the jBASE software. TEMENOS retained the intellectual property rights and continued its investment in the jBASE product with a dedicated jBASE development department in its own R&D organization.



jBASE Launches Version 5

In 2010, jBASE version 5 was released representing a landmark event in the delivery of MultiValue databases. A true 64-bit implementation, jBASE 5 enables non-stop capability and delivers a truly cutting edge platform capable of moving legacy and mainstream applications to the forefront of tomorrow’s computing solutions. jBASE version 5 includes new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), resilient files, auto-resizing of files and enhanced resilience through the introduction of Dataguard, which allows jBASE to be a truly non-stop MultiValue database.



Zumasys Releases jBASE 5.5

More than just a new version, jBASE 5.5 is a true Game Changer that allows your apps to become Native and thereby understandable to mainstream developers and new IT hires that may not have MultiValue skills. jBASE takes your MultiValue applications into the future.



Zumasys Releases jBASE 5.6

The newest release of jBASE 5.6 offers even more incredible features, such as native RESTful Services, Native Data Encryption, more granular Audit Logging and improved Transaction Journaling.



Zumasys Releases jBASE 5.7

Our jBASE development team has pulled it off again, packing in many new groundbreaking features into the highly anticipated release of jBASE 5.7 including Dynamic Files, Dynamic Objects, Profiles, and RESTful Services.



Zumasys Releases jBASE 5.8

Our dream team of developers has been working nonstop to include major updates into this new release. A MongoDB jEDI, Docker Container certification, and new emulation settings make jBASE 5.8 easier than ever for MultiValue dealers and ISVs to self-install and self-manage.