dan ell

  • Joined: 2015
  • Favorite Music: Billy Joel
  • Fun Fact: A BASIC game program Dan wrote in 1979 called “Digital Baseball” was the foundation of a BASIC course taught at Vanderbilt University.

Dan Ell


Dan Ell has over thirty years of experience in building and administering MultiValue systems and applications. After founding his own computer technology and consulting company in 1992, Dan spent 13 years heading up the Technical Support Queue at jBASE, a leading MultiValue software company. Dan is an industry expert in MultiValue, specializing in on-site consulting, planning, technical support documentation, and programming for MultiValue systems. 

When he’s not at work, you might find Dan hanging out on the beach at his Tampa Bay home or out taking photos. Dan is also a huge Jaguar aficionado—his pride and joy is his 2003 XJ8 Sport.  

How does what you do benefit customers? I work with customers to solve their toughest IT challenges and derive maximum value from their MultiValue investments.