• Joined: 2015
  • Favorite sport: Soccer, Manchester United
  • Favorite music: The Beatles, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton

Mike Street


Mike Street is a seasoned IT professional, with decades of expertise at international companies like AT&T, Phillips, and McDonald Dettwiler. Mike honed his skills in IT and MultiValue in a wide variety of industries, including chemical sciences, telecommunications, construction, publishing, and municipal infrastructure. Before coming to Zumasys in 2015, Mike spent over a decade at jBASE, where he headed up MultiValue support and maintenance for the mv.NET/mv.SSIS software from BlueFinity, jBASE’s sister company. 

Born and raised in the U.K., Mike is a die-hard Manchester United soccer fan. On weekends, Mike and his family enjoy visiting stately homes in the U.K., such as Basildon Park, used by the period drama, Downton Abbey. 

How does what you do benefit customers? I give customers the resources and expertise they need to get the most out of their MultiValue systems and applications.