“Finding Zumasys bordered on a miracle… I was excited, almost giddy, at the prospect of finally being able to get into the cloud with Zumasys.”

Danny RuckelIT Director, Southwest Traders

“It’s not about cost savings or saving money by going with Zumasys Cloud, it’s about providing a better product to our customers and end users.”

Don KimCIO, Equiant Financial Services

“Zumasys really has the experience with VMware and Pick that we needed and more experience with moving companies like ours into the cloud.”

James MantrozosHead of IT, My-Villages (Exuma Technologies)

“Cloud hosting allows us to focus on our business and [do] what we do best.”

Patrick MurphyDirector of IT, Murphy and Nolan, Inc.

“It has enabled us, literally, to focus on our business, and not technology.”

ConGlobal Industries

“The day we went over to the new system, it went without a hitch!”

Ken WertzPresident, Wilkinson Supply

When we decided to move to the cloud, Zumasys was the obvious solution. They understood our current environment, and I had complete confidence they knew how to make it all work in the cloud environment. I think we had one of the smoothest migrations on record, but maybe I’m just bragging!!

Kate AgoitiaDirector of IT, Skyview Cooling

“We were a true startup conceived over a weekend by my partners  and with crops to be harvested within 45 days. We didn’t have legacy software or any of that to deal with, a pure startup in every sense.  It has been real easy to scale with the Zumasys cloud. Not once has system limitations been an issue or even on the radar for us.”

Alex TamayoGeneral Manager, Baja Son Growers

“I haven’t thought about our server or its stability since we switched to Zumasys Cloud 3 years ago.”

John DubuquePresident, Plumbers Supply Co.

“Starting with our sales rep who got the ball rolling right through to our going live on the Zumasys cloud, it really has been a very “painless” process. You should be proud of all the folks who helped to make this happen. We have been very pleased with our choice to go to the cloud.”

John SelkirkCEO, Allied Electric Supply, Inc.