Reporting and more recently accessing data for Business Intelligence or exporting data for corporate Data warehouse functions rely heavily on industry standard SQL based technologies. The importance of straightforward ODBC access to data has been recognized and jBASE 5 is delivered with a new ODBC interface, enabling all the industry standard tools to be used. To complement this for the Java community a new JDBC is also available.

On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) is becoming more important every day. It allows company decision makers to slice and dice data enabling them make intelligent business decisions. One of the primary repositories of data for OLAP is Microsoft’s SQL Server. The ability to extract, transform and load (ETL) jBASE data into SQL Server is potentially very important for the jBASE user.

Microsoft SQL Server is delivered with a sophisticated tool set called SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to enable data from multiple sources to be consumed. SSIS is a platform for building enterprise-level data integration and data transformations solutions. jBASE’s mv.SSIS product provides the complete solution to enable data extraction from jBASE and then full integration with the Microsoft SSIS package. The result is jBASE data transfer to SQL Server tables without any programming effort needed at all.

With the market consolidation of reporting tools and the major corporate push behind Microsoft’s response with SQL Server Reporting Services, jBASE have also responded to the market. mv.RSDC provides jBASE users with sophisticated, real-time reporting using a wide variety of delivery mediums and incorporating all of the reporting features expected by today’s demanding report consumer. mv.RSDC is fully integrated with jBASE 5 to provide comprehensive reporting with the minimum of effort.

Whatever the Reporting or Business Intelligence requirement, there are a series of alternative strategies available to the jBASE user.


Provides an open, vendor- neutral way of accessing jBASE data stored in a variety of proprietary personal computer, minicomputer, and mainframe databases.



An application program interface (API) specification for connecting programs written in Java to supply jBASE data.


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