Java is an Open Source development platform used by approximately 5 million developers. It is robust, multi-threaded, well supported and can be deployed across all operating systems. On that basis, excellent Java support in jBASE Release 5 was a high and compelling requirement.

Java has been well supported on jBASE for many years based on the jRCS product. This easy to use and robust product supports Java application development and deployment across multiple platforms.

New with jBASE 5 is a whole suite of functionality to benefit enterprise application development. Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) application development on jBASE 5 is supported by both the major JCA enhancements to jBASE Basic and new JDBC implementation.

This is the first time that the full JEE functionality has been supported on jBASE! And the implementation ensures the full Java Enterprise applications can be developed and deployed with ease. To round out the support for the developer the new jRemote Java functionality ensures that whatever the Java requirement jBASE 5 can deliver. It enables the Java developer to make use of the rich functionality in existing jBC code and exploit features such as jBASE 5 transaction processing and UTF-8 Internationalization.


With a highly portable design, this robust client-server connectivity library leverages the power of jBASE.



Use Java to exploit “Write Once, Run Anywhere” capabilities for applications that require access to enterprise data.


jRemote Java

Provides an API to expose jBC functions like subroutines, execute commands and access files from Java.


jRemote Inbound/Outbound

Bidirectional interface to Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) by means of resource adapters.


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