Java Platform, Enterprise Edition—formerly known as Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition or J2EE—is a platform used for the development of server-side Java applications. It extends the Java SE by providing web services, component model, management, and communications APIs that have made it an extremely popular solution for implementing enterprise class service-oriented architecture.

jBASE provides a bi-directional interface to JEE by means of the JEE compliant jRemote Inbound and jRemote Outbound resource adapters.

A Resource Adapter is a system-level software driver, which is used by a Java application to connect to an EIS. Other examples of Resource Managers are data sources such as JDBC drivers.

The JEE Connector Architecture (JCA) specification, to which these resource adapters conform, specifies the mechanisms and contracts required for this transactional interaction. JCA provides a Java technology solution to the problem of connectivity between the many application containers and today’s enterprise information systems (EIS).

jRemote Inbound ICA

The jBASE Inbound JCA allows the calling of application server components from jBC. The adapter comprises a socket listener and a set of JEE user functions are C functions that allow a jBC program to perform transactional calls to Enterprise Java Beans (EJB’s), drop messages on JMS queues (asynchronous) and perform processing via custom (synchronous) Message Driven Beans (MDB’s). The jRemote Inbound JCA accepts connections from JEE clients and manages the lookup, execution, and transaction inflow of EJB, JMS, and MDB requests.

The jRemote Inbound JCA is packaged with MDBs for calling EJBs and dropping JMS messages. It is possible and in many cases desirable for an application developer to create their own MDBs that will be activated directly by the jRemote Inbound JCA. Additionally, the jRemote Inbound JCA is capable of propagating an existing jBC transaction context to the application server. This allows transactional JEE calls within a jBC transaction.

jRemote Outbound ICA

The jRemote Outbound Resource Adapter is a JCA compliant resource adapter that allows J2EE applications to access a jBASE Enterprise Information System (EIS) within a transactional context.

The jRemote Resource Adapter supports outbound interactions in XA-transactional contexts. The XA interface is an interface defined by the X/Open Distributed Transaction Processing specification. XA Transaction (termed global transaction) support allows a transaction to be managed by a transaction manager external to the resource adapter. In contrast to local transactions (i.e. local to each resource manager), XA transactions can span multiple resource managers and therefore provide a transactional context on interactions which span over multiple EIS.

Resource Managers manage a defined part of a computer’s shared resources. For example, databases writing to files on disk, message queues storing messages then processing, or print servers buffering then printing. An XA resource manager is responsible for providing the interface to modify its resources as an atomic and recoverable unit of work coordinated by a transaction manager.

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