We firmly believe that jBASE is light-years ahead of the competition. It has an extremely forward-thinking design, and we intend to leverage that to the market’s benefit.

For example, we are looking to expand jBASE further into our cloud offering now that we have the flexibility that comes with owning the intellectual property. We are in the process of launching a multi-tenanted, public cloud offering called jBASE as a Service (jBaaS). Customers will be able to access the database from our enterprise-class cloud infrastructure for a set monthly fee. We can take advantage of economies of scale to offer very competitive prices.

Instead of simply hosting jBASE in a VMware-based virtual machine as we’ve done for years, we are directly integrating the database into our cloud platform to enable our customers to move their applications to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model with hypervisor integration and eased provisioning. We are in the process of using the source code to do many other interesting things in the cloud.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Access to the database from our enterprise-class cloud infrastructure for a set monthly fee

Hypervisor Integration

Provides end users with the best possible user experience

Eased Provisioning

Gain immediate access to software in the cloud


Scale your IT resources up or down on demand to react quickly to business needs

Maintain Complete Control of Your Data

Instantly make changes to your infrastructure through our online portal

Partner with a Tenured Provider

Entrust your applications to a company with experience, sustained growth, and key partnerships

Stay tuned to learn more about jBaaS!

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