jBASE Web Builder (jWB) is a fully featured toolset, which provides a quick and easy methodology for writing and implementing Internet and Intranet applications. It is both an integrated development environment and a Web application server.

All development and deployment is done from within a browser. Standard Web browsers are used to design, develop, debug and deploy applications. Components are selected from a palette of tools and then dropped into pages where needed. The entire development environment is totally extendible, both in terms of the visual components and the language components. In deployment, there is no client software to install.


The development process is very dynamic. jWB generates HTML and included scripts on the fly. Any object can contain a trigger that reacts to an event such as a mouse click—initiating a procedure. Dynamic tags and each property of every object can be dynamically assigned when the page is served. Everything in jWB is object based, which allows re-use of code.

  • Object based
  • Extensive control set
  • Easily extendible
  • Built-in security
  • Built-in session handling


Session handling is elegantly managed through the use of a common area that may be shared across many pages in an application. This information is written to fast permanent jBASE storage, and so many Web servers can be easily used to serve an application. A user could have every request served by a different server, and not know the difference. In this way, the product is scalable from a small, single server right up to a Web farm with hundreds of machines.

Powerful jBASE data storage is built in. With one of the smallest footprints of any DBMS, and proven Hash file technology, scalability is second to none. jBASE is ideally suited to high volume data handling such as Internet applications. In addition to the built-in DBMS, there is the facility to talk to other vendors’ database products through the flexible jEDI architecture.

  • Fast jBASE DBMS
  • Server independent session storage
  • Platform independent


In addition to server-side security measures such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL/HTTPS) and any security integrated into the operating system, jWB developers also have a rich security model available to them. This allows objects to be secured at any level just by changing a single property. Applications can be secured so that a user must log on before using them, or may be completely open if the site does not need to be secured.

  • Rich object security model
  • 128 bit DES encryption
  • Encrypted session keys

Feature Rich

jWB comes with powerful features ready to use and to empower your applications. Both incoming and outgoing email is handled. Internationalization will allow you to make your applications available to a wider audience.

  • Built-in internationalization
  • Built-in scheduling
  • Built-in email


As a jBASE application, jWB offers the same ease of integration. The BASIC code compiles to operating system executables and shared libraries. jWB also has an open interface which allows integration with virtually all technologies available today. jWB can even run inside J2EE application servers, such as IBM’s Websphere.

  • Open interface
  • Operating system based
  • J2EE integration

Maintainability and Deployment

A complete version management system is built-in which allows both a visual comparison and a code comparison between versions, side by side on the screen. Changes to your application can be undone all the way back, and redone all the way forward. You can even debug your application line by line over the Internet in a fully featured debugger. There are tools which help you to profile your application and understand how people are using your application. Every keystroke your users make is recorded, giving a complete audit trail, and also allowing you to play back the usage at a later date. A full deployment system is built in to jWB which allows your application to be completely portable across platforms.

  • Complete version management
  • Infinite undo and redo
  • Interactive remote debugging
  • Built-in deployment
  • Code profiling and coverage tools

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