System Manager completely redefines how a multivalue system is managed and is a fundamental part of jBASE’s future.

System Manager provides visibility and awareness into your jBASE system; allowing any designated team member access to critical data and the ability perform key system administration tasks from an intuitive graphical web based console.

By simplifying the administration; we can now allow anyone the ability to easily configure and verify backup jobs, add licenses on the fly or verify data integrity.

System Manager also ensures the optimal health of your critical application; providing performance information from your system and an alerting engine that will notify you via text, email or your favorite messaging app that certain predefined performance metrics have been reached.


Provide any non-MultiValue team member access to critical data and system administration

Data at your fingertips

Visualize and then analyze key data your team needs awareness of

Know what you're using

Monitor your systems license usage and trends

Data Protection

Easily configure backup jobs and know for sure that your data is being backed up

Be the first to know

Built-in alerting engine with predefined alerts to monitor your system’s critical processes


Add new licenses easily and have them available to use without a system restart

*System Manager is only compatible with jBASE 5.5 or higher
*Not compatible with any version of jBASE for T24

Ready for visibility and awareness into your jBASE system?