File Support
CLEAR-FILE Clear all records from a file
COPY Copy records from a file.
CREATE-FILE Create files.
DELETE Deletes records from a file.
DELETE-FILE Deletes files.
Q and F Pointers Resolving Q and F pointers
Indexes Support for secondary indexes.
Integrity jBASE file system integrity.
IOCTL Database functions.
JBACKUP File backup utility.
JBACKUP Script Sample jbackup script.
JCHECK Check hash file integrity.
JCHMOD Modifies hash file parameters.
JCOMP File compare utility.
JFILESAVE File Save utility (front-end for JBACKUP).
JRESTORE File restore utility.
JRF File resize utility.
JSTAT File statistics.
SHOW-ITEM-LOCKS Displays information about locked items.
Distributed Files Distributed file support.
Remote Files Accessing files on a remote system.
RENAME-FILE Rename a hashed file and it's dictionary.
SELRESTORE Selective restore facility.
Sequential File Access Accessing sequential file with jBASE.
Sequential File Extensions IOCTL support for sequential files.
Serial I/O Extensions IOCTL support for serial I/O.
Unix Backup Backing up UNIX systems.
Windows Backup Backing up Windows systems.

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