Dataguard Overview

jBASE has always delivered a robust Transaction Journaling (TJ) product that has enabled companies to operate systems that can be recovered quickly from the lost or damaged file or the occasional system crash.  For more complex systems, TJ includes the ability to deploy two phase commit application architectures and also fully embrace complete hot standby configurations.  

Now with the introduction of jBASE Version 5 we offer the additional benefits of DataguardDataguard introduces Checkpointing to Transaction Journaling.  A checkpoint is a marker in the log at a point in time when there are no active transactions and there is complete system integrity.  There are then some very significant benefits that result. 

Warmstart Recovery is designed to enable a database to be returned to a stable, working position, following a power failure. Without this functionality it is not clear whether all transactions have been committed and therefore database integrity is impaired.  An active jBASE system using Dataguard will recover and return to full operation following a power failure.  

Many modern systems operate for extended hours and leave limited time for system backups.  However full Online Backup functionality is available now with Dataguard to enable regular database backups to be performed on a live system.  This functionality also enables file restoration on the live system as well. 





jBASE Dataguard