List Processing
List storage How saved lists are stored
COPY-LIST Copy a saved list to another list or to another file
DELETE-LIST Deletes a saved list.
DIFF-LIST Creates a list which is the difference between two stored lists
EDIT-LIST Allows editing of lists.
FORM-LIST Creates a list from a record in a file
GET-LIST Retrieves a stored list and makes it the active list.
LIST-LISTS Displays a list of all select lists available
QSELECT Generates a select list from the fields of specified items and makes it the active list
SAVE-LIST Saves the currently active select list to a named list record
SEARCH Creates a list of all records in a file which contain one or more text sequences
SORT-LIST Sorts a saved select list
XSELECT Generates a select list of keys in a file which do not match given selection criteria

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