jBASE jDBC 2.0 Driver (jDBC)

Deploying the JDBC driver


The jBASE JDBC Driver is packaged as a Java Archive (jar) file.


To use the JDBC Driver from a non-managed client application, it necessary to place this archive inside your CLASSPATH.


To deploy this archive on a managed environment it is necessary to configure a deployment descriptor specific to the application server.


JBoss deployment

The following deployment descriptor is used by JBoss to load the jBASE JDBC Driver, as specified by “driver-class”. This file should be modified according to deployment requirements.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!--========================================================================== -->

<!--                                                                           -->

<!--  JBoss deployment descriptor for jBASE JDBC Data Sources                  -->

<!--                                                                           -->

<!-- ========================================================================= -->



    <!—jBASE JDBC Data Source -->















After configuring the deployment descriptor, follow the steps below to deploy the jBASE JDBC driver:

  • Copy the jBASE jDBC Driver (jbasejdbc.jar) archive to the lib  directory of the JBoss default configuration

  • Copy the JBoss deployment descriptor to the deploy directory of the JBoss default configuration




jBASE jDBC 2.0 Driver