Installation Advisory

jBASE Release versions

1.9 Deprecated
2.0 Deprecated
3.0 Deprecated
3.1 Deprecated
3.2 Deprecated
3.3 Deprecated
3.4 Deprecated as of 31 Dec 2016
4.0 Deprecated as of 31 Dec 2016
4.1 Deprecated as of 31 Dec 2016
5.2 jBASE 5.2.31 is the current release
5.5 jBASE 5.5.1 is the current release
5.6 jBASE 5.6.1 is the current release

The product is continually being updated for various reasons, these being primarily additional features.


License Keys

  • Evaluation or Permanent License Key
  • License Keys may be release specific, or allow for multiple versions
  • License Key is no longer platform specific.
  • Permanent licenses targeted to system (uname -n on UNIX, machine name on Windows)

Patch update Advisory

Instructions for install

Patch Report
Listing providing one line report describing bug fix or reason for modification.

Patch System
Based on Source patches.

Patch build procedure
Load clean base system then overlay with individually tested patches
Build for platform
Execute test suite
Compress release for issue.



Optional top Level

/opt/jbase (UNIX)
C:\jBASE (Windows)

Second Level

Name Purpose
bin binary executables, jBASE Utilities.
clients installers and/or assemblies for available clients.
config configuration information, including licences.
dev device control files.
icu_data international components for unicode (UNIX only).
include include header files for compilation.
java Java docs, executables and libraries
jbase_data database definitions and default location for "jspooler" folder.
lib shared libraries.
misc miscellaneous directory for Windows, contains terminal definitions.
multisession contains list of dynamically created hostname entries which are accessing multisession licensing.
proc port processinformation.
samples source code samples of jBASE functionality.
src example source code, default MD and SYSTEM files.
tmp work file directory for runtime.
websession contains list of hostname entries which are permitted access to websession licensing.


Third Level

Contains Windows terminfo database for Windows telnet sessions.

a Contains ADDS terminfo definition.
d Contains dumb terminfo definition.
n Contains NT console terminfo definition.
p Contains Prism terminfo definition.
v Contains vt100/vt220 terminfo definition.
w Contains Wyse50 terminfo definition