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Locate the problem in the following scenarios and use the following checklist to help diagnose the problem.

Scenario 1 (jBASE 3.x only)

If the problem appears to be an expected select list is missing, ensure that your process is not re-executing jBASE initialization each time a jBASE command or application is executed by checking that the initial connect environment variable is valid.

echo $JBCCONNECT ( Unix )
echo %JBCWINCONNECT% ( Windows )

For Unix check that the process id is still a parent process to the current process, using lower case "ps" command. For NT ensure that the connect environment variable exists.

If the values are found to be invalid then usually executing a jSHELL and then re-executing the commands will solve the problem. Alternatively logoff and on to re-execute the jBASE initialization as per your user configuration. If problem still persists check the permissions on the jBASEWORK file in the "tmp" subdirectory of the jBASE release directory, if the problem still persists contact your local support group.


Scenario 2

If the queried file cannot be found first check the MD file has been correctly configured.

echo %JEDIFILENAME_MD% (Windows)

Else check the MD entries have been updated correctly.


Else check the MD file for Q pointers.

ED MD LostedFile

Else if Qpointer correct then check JEDIFILENAME_SYSTEM is correctly configured and SYSTEM entries are correct.


001 Q 001 D
002 SYSTEM 002 Absolute Path to directory

Else check the file exists in your current or expected directory using the following syntax.

LIST ./LostedFile ( Unix )
LIST.\LostedFile (Windows)

Else check your JEDIFILEPATH if configured.

echo $JEDIFILEPATH (Unix) echo %JEDIFILEPATH% (Windows)

Else set JEDIFILEPATH to current directory.

export JEDIFILEPATH=.(Unix)

set $JEDIFILEPATH=. (Windows)

Else contact local support.

Note: JEDIFILENAME_MD and JEDIFILENAME_SYSTEM must be correctly configured before jSHELL execution.


Scenario 3 (jBASE 3.x only)

Results from query is not as expected.

Check that the JBCEMULATE environment variable, if configured, is correct.

Else check the emulation configuration in the "config" subdirectory of the jBASE release directory is configured as expected.

Else set the JBCNOINTERNAL environment variable to 1.

The jBASE internal SELECT command is used by default to provide better performance than the external SELECT command by virtue that the select process is executed within the process space and as such saves the startup overhead of creating a new process to execute the SELECT.

The benefit of the internal select is more pronounced the smaller the file size and the simpler the select. If the internal select determines that the complexity of the select criteria outweighs the benefit of internal execution then the select is passed on to the external SELECT, which is capable of more complex selection criteria.

One of the side effects of the internal SELECT can be detected when sorting right justified alphanumeric fields. Multivalued legacy applications provide the records ids arbitrarily sorted in a different order to the internal fast sort process. As such applications expecting to use the Multivalued right justified alphanumeric sort order should set the JBCNOINTERNAL environment variable to one.

Internal SELECT problems other than sort order should be reported to local support group.

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