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1. Description

Enhancements to the MSG command

2. Previous Release Behavior

There was no option to send to all users

3. Current Release Behavior

Update MSG command to support the most common implementations:

The MSG command sends a text message to a specific port, a specific user or all logged in users.

MSG {!} [<user-id> | port | *] message {(V}

 [user-id]       any port belonging to [user-id]
 [*]             all users logged on
 [!port]         specified port only
 [!*]            sends the message to all
 [(V]            verbose output (future)
 [(B]            Forces beep on receiving process (future)
 [(D]            Forces no delay on receiving process (future)


Send the message to user athena:

MSG athena Help me Obi-wan Pat, you're my only hope.

Send a message to all users:

MSG * Nothing unreal exists.
MSG !* Sometimes there are no choices but poor ones.

Send the message to port 42:

MSG !42 The Mythos is Insane!