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1. Description

New command: config-strings

2. Previous Release Behavior


3. Current Release Behavior

Displays the emulation options for a given emulation, the current emulation being the default if not specified.

cmd:     config-strings
desc:    Displays jBASE Config_EMULATE settings for a given emulation.
usage:   config-strings <<options>>
options: -help -emulation -list [email protected]

        -l -list, list sections in config_EMULATE
        -e -emulation <<mode>>, display section for a given emulation
           e.g. -e prime
        [email protected], show @ values
        -h -help, this page

e.g.    config-strings            - display setting for JBCEMULATE or default if not set.
        config-strings -e r83     - display setting for r83
        config-strings -e r83 [email protected]  - display setting for r83, also show @ values
        config-strings -l         - list sections in config_emulate
        config-strings -h         - this page