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Addition of jRCS to the jBASE 5.5 release

Fix to "JFile" class of jRCS .NET Client to insert missing Index name parameter on call to "openIndex"

Prior to this fix, a "JException" error would be encountered, “Invalid number of parameters”, i.e.:

Define the following:

       JFile stockFile = null;
       JIndex stockIndex = null;

With an active jRCS connection, and a "SEQ.NO" index on the STOCK.MOVE.A file:

       stockFile = Conn.OpenFile("STOCK.MOVE.A");
       stockIndex = stockFile.openIndex("SEQ.NO");

Now, the OpenIndex no longer generates an exception.

Fix to the "ReadNext" method of jRCS Server SelectList class to perform a "ReadNext Key" rather than a "ReadNext" if an index is being used.

Using the following code:

        JIndex stockIndex = null;
        JSelectList stockList;

        string itemID = "";
        string itemSeq = "";

        itemSeq = rnd.Next(1, 372493).ToString();
        stockList = stockIndex.Select(itemSeq);
        itemID = stockList.RecordKey;

Prior to this fix, the “ReadNext” would always return null arguments for “RecordKey”, as jRCSSelectList class in the server component was using “ReadNext” on the index rather than “ReadNextKey”.

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3. Current Release Behavior

See jRCS documentation.