cmd:     jFormatCode
desc:    formats existing code and ports BASIC code to jBASE.
usage:   jFormatCode filename
options: -file, -tabs, -parse, -diffs, -pause -replace, -quiet, -stamp, -confirm, -no_backup, -no_line_numbers, LPTR, -help

where:   -f -file, name of the file to read source from, default [.].
            -file /home/data/bp
         -t -tabs, number of spaces to pad and indent formatted source.
            -tabs 2,2
         -p -parse, call pre-parser to force code to conform to the jBASE compiler.
         -d -diffs, display line by line comparison of source during pre-parser.
         -pg pause output for each page. (q to quit)
         -r -replace, Overwrite original source with parsed source.
         -q -quiet, dont output source to screen.
         -s -stamp, add a time stamp to end of source.
         -c -confirm, dont ask if you really want to replace the file.
         -n -no_backup, dont create a backup of original version.
         -l -no_line_numbers, dont display line numbers in preview.
         LPTR, send to printer. (must be on end)
         -?, -h, -help, this page.

e.g:     jFormatCode -file /home/account1 -quiet -replace -no_backup my_prog.b
         jFormatCode my_prog.b LPTR

Please note that this is a beta version of jFormatCode, it has been included in the current release so that we can get some feedback on its functionality, if you have any unsupported syntax or even suggestions for any functionality that will help please let us know.