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1. Description

Enhancement: Make the behavior of the XTD(), DTX() functions, and the MCXD, MCDX conversions consistent with the behavior of the XTD and DTX commands.

2. Previous Release Behavior

3. Current Release Behavior

The new, enhanced, behavior is that all use unsigned arbitrary length integers. However, the previous behavior for the jBC functions can be forced to use a 32-bit signed integer by setting an additional flag in the function, e.g.

x = XTD("FFFFFFFF")     returns an unsigned arbitrary length integer, i.e. 4294967295
x = XTD("FFFFFFFF", 1)  returns a 32-bit signed integer, i.e. -1
x = DTX("12345678")     returns hex string based on unsigned arbitrary length integers. 
x = DTX("12345678", 1)  returns hex string based on 32 bit signed integer

The MCXD and MCDX conversions do not support the 32-bit functionality and will always return unsigned arbitrary length integers.