Integration Made Easy

The jBASE native architecture is uniquely designed to integrate with all application program interfaces (APIs) and backend databases, which means you can fully utilize your MultiValue programs while leveraging new programming languages, popular SaaS-based applications, or Infrastructure services.


jAgent is a server-side jBASE component responsible for accepting and processing incoming client requests. Communication is established via TCP socket connections and by means of a well-defined protocol. jAgent is a socket server listening on a user-defined TCP port and has the capability to serve a wide range of client applications as long as they speak the same protocol.


RESTful Services has become one of the most important technologies for integrating business applications with the web. As a universal way for applications to communicate with each other, every major development language now includes frameworks for building RESTful Services. Native RESTful Services in jBASE 5.6 allows us to bypass proprietary APIs and open up your jBASE database to any language environment, web service or application. Developers can now unleash the power of their application and communicate in a modern way with powerful web services and SaaS applications, like Salesforce, Dynamics or NetSuite. These innovations will allow our customers’ time-proven intellectual property to ride the latest technological trends that are transforming the world of business.

jREMOTE (.NET & Java)

jRemote is a client technology option for jBASE which provides an API to expose jBC functions like subroutines, execute commands, and access files from Microsoft .NET and Oracle Java. It is based on an efficient object protocol and uses a secure connection based on TCP/IP, SSL and ACE (Adaptive Communication Environment). It enables the C# or Java developer to make use of the rich functionality in existing jBC code and exposes features such as jBASE 5 transaction processing and UTF-8 Internationalization.


Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) is Microsoft’s strategic interface for accessing data in a heterogeneous environment of relational and non-relational database management systems. Based on the Call Level Interface specification of the SQL Access Group, ODBC provides an open, vendor-neutral way of accessing data stored in a variety of proprietary personal computer, minicomputer, and mainframe databases.

The jBASE ODBC Connector is an ODBC driver implementing the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) 3.0 API. This driver release supports a driver-manager-based and Unicode compliant interface, featuring support for transactions and calling stored procedures. The ODBC Connector is only available to Windows platforms but SQL requests may be issued against a remote jBASE instance running on other platforms.

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