jBASE gives you all the features and functionality needed to move you to that next level of integration and customer satisfaction. jBASE is a technologically advanced product that provides web enablement, client server methodologies and the ability to interoperate seamlessly with other databases and applications. Our migration experts can assist you no matter where you started from and where you need to go.

In addition to high levels of compatibility, we provide well tried and tested techniques for migrating your existing applications. With top class migration support and free evaluation licenses your way is clear to move forward and breathe new life into your business.

What to expect

When migrating MultiValue apps to jBASE

jBASE provides the functionality you would expect in a MultiValue database including language support (BASIC, Proc, Query), database support and a MultiValue product spooler, editor, admin commands, etc). However, while you continue to develop in BASIC, your BASIC code when compiled is actually translated to “C” and then turned into native executables (.exe file extensions for Windows and binary files for Unix). In jBASE, there really isn’t any “shell” required to interpret the BASIC as is the case with other MultiValue databases. If you write a BASIC program and compile it and the resulting binary/exe is in the operating system path, it can be run directly from the operating system, which is exciting.

Another major differentiator with jBASE is the ability to connect with other databases such as SQL and Oracle. jBASE’s file I/O runs through a layer we called jBASE External Database Interface or jEDI. jEDI allows you to write BASIC code using conventional OPEN/READ/WRITE commands that actually access and manipulate information stored in virtually any data store including relational databases, XML sources, etc. For companies looking to achieve improved integration with external systems, jBASE offers some very advanced and interesting options.

And because you can still program in BASIC (or C or whatever), you have a lot of flexibility in development and deployment.

Migration documentation

Porting Applications to jBASE

Windows | Linux
Installing jBASE
Environment Variables Setting environment variables
Migration Migration steps
Restoring Data Restoring legacy data into a jBASE environment
Emulation Emulation settings
PORTBAS Migrating BASIC source code
Keywords Compiler reserved words
Compilation Compiling BASIC programs and subroutines
SYSTEM Functions The jBASE SYSTEM function
Performance Monitoring the performance of jBASE applications

Migration Assistance

Make the move as painless as possible. We can offer an assessment of your current application with technical advice about how to get where you want to go. Let our experts do the work of migrating your existing database to jBASE.
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