We at jBASE understand the challenges that customers face in maintaining the competitive edge in their industry. With the growth of our customer base and the general complexity of the customer environment, we remain committed to meeting these challenges. jBASE Professional Services was created to assist customers in ensuring that their jBASE products are utilized to their fullest extent and performing at peak efficiencies.

jBASE Professional Services offers access to unequalled expertise in the jBASE product line, providing training and consulting services to maximize your technology investment. In addition to specific consulting packages, Professional Services can meet your needs ranging from straightforward programming to comprehensive Project Management encompassing strategic planning, implementation, and deployment.

Partner with jBASE Professional Services—we understand your business requirements and know how to meet them!

Application audit

Want to get the most out of your investment? An analysis which results in advice and recommendations on configuration, best practices, performance tuning and maintainability? Using utilities and our experience, jBASE will work with you to optimize your application.

Database integration

If you need to run your application on Oracle, DB2, or SQL Server or if you need to access a relational database from within your application, this service could be just the answer. Our experts assist you with with implementation, configuration, testing.

Web integration

Allow access to your application from the Web.

Customerized service

Our consultants are your best source for insight and knowledge about jBASE implementations.

Transaction journaling

A range of options from live back-up to full fledged Hot-Standby configuration to ensure the quality of your data. Packages include installation, configuration, and  testing by skilled jBASE resources.

Migration assistance

Make the move as painless as possible. This offers an assessment of your current application with technical advice about how to get where you want to go. Let our experts do the work of migrating your existing database to jBASE.

Project management

Skills include Project Management from strategic planning, implementation to deployment, our experts can help guide your projects.

Incorporate extended functionality

Take advantage of jBASE’s advanced features like jDP, jEDI, and triggers.

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