The future of your PICK system requires a database platform that continually evolves to meet the needs of today’s developers.

Buck The Status Quo and Connect Your PICK system to the modern world with jBASE 5.8

Join the Movement, Download jBASE 5.8 Today!

jBASE 5.8 makes it easier than ever to modernize your MultiValue application.

jBASE is now officially certified for Docker containers, including built-in support for the MongoDB NoSQL database, and standard APIs for Salesforce, Avalara, and dozens of other platforms. Plus new enhancements to Objects that make life easier for developers.

We’re Doubling Down on the Future of PICK and We Believe the Future is Bright...

Continued Innovation
and Growth

We are continuing to invest in jBASE because we believe in PICK! While others see a decline, we’ve seen 6 years of consecutive growth.

Fair, Sustainable
Pricing Model

We care about your long-term success and haven’t had a maintenance price increase in decades.

We Play Well
With Others

We play well with others by collaborating and making jBASE integrate with modern technologies like VSCode, Mongo, Docker, and Salesforce.

jBASE 5.8 Catapults to the Front of the Pack

With Powerful New Integrations Functionality Including

Docker Container

jBASE is officially certified for Docker containers. With a single command, you can pull down a working jBASE image from the Docker Hub and have your jBASE application up and running in a standalone container. Server setups that used to take days can now be accomplished in seconds—it really is that easy.


New JEDI Driver Connects
jBASE to MongoDB

We are extremely excited to announce support for MongoDB in jBASE 5.8 thanks to a brand-new addition to the jEDI (jBASE External Device Interface) driver family! MongoDB is the world’s most popular NoSQL database used by the likes of Facebook and Twitter that has revolutionized the conversation around database interoperability.


CPU Licensing for the
Phantom Menace

In response to high demand from larger customers who leverage phantoms and web interfaces, we are proud to announce a new option for CPU licensing and self-activation. You can still purchase a set number of user licenses; however, you can also buy by the number of cores you are using. This is ideal for next-generation applications that could benefit from unlimited users and background processes.

Native cURL Support

jBASE now ships with a series of APIs that utilize the standard cURL library and is easily extendable using our Dynamic Objects. While it is correct to say jBASE has always allowed you to use native cURL to consume REST APIs, we now keep socket connections open to issue multiple commands, vastly improving performance and removing manual and tedious processes.

Improved Windows Complier

One of the many unique benefits of jBASE is that it allows your application to run as a native Windows or native Linux program. Unlike all other MultiValue platform, we remove the interpretive layer between the database, so you run in line with the hardware. This allows us to be more open, approachable for younger developers and extremely fast.

Support for Objects

If you are an avid user of jBASE, you will recognize Objects from our 5.7 release. In this new release, we have added support for exception handling including try/catch/throw constructs, made it easier to update objects and other enhancements that make life easier for developers who want to write Object Oriented code with PICK BASIC.

The migration routes from other PICK databases have been vastly simplified, licensing now supports flexible CPU and SaaS-based models, and our in-line operating system approach means our scalability, speed and stability are unmatched.

Clients sharing the love for jBASE!

Over 30 Years of Continued Innovation

From beer brilliance to supporting some of the largest, most critical systems in the world,
jBASE has a rich history of constant technological improvements.
  • 1989


    Using a prototype from Greg Cooper, jBASE founded in a 300-year-old British pub by Clive Ketteridge and Jim Idle.

  • 1993


    First MultiValue database deployed natively on WindowsNT.

  • 1999


    TEMENOS acquires jBASE and brings jBASE into 600 of the largest banks in the world.

  • 2015


    Zumasys acquires jBASE and begins modernizing the platform with 3 major releases and more than 1,000 updates.

  • 2016-2020


    While others see a decline, jBASE enjoys consecutive sales growth with innovative new features.

  • 2021


    The new jBASE 5.8 connects your PICK application to the modern world.

  • 2022


    Rocket Software Acquires Database and Tools Products of Zumasys, Inc.

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