jBASE ODBC Connector (jODBC)

The jBASE ODBC Connector is an ODBC driver implementing the Open Database Connectivty (ODBC) 3.0 API. This driver release supports a driver-manager based and Unicode compliant interface, featuring support for transactions and calling stored procedures. The ODBC Connector is only available to Windows platforms but SQL requests may be issued against a remote jBASE instance running on other platforms.



jAgent is a jBASE component responsible for accepting and processing incoming client requests. As shown in this diagram, jAgent must be running to accept and dispatch SQL requests to the jBASE Server. jAgent, as well as ODBC, use TCP socket connections to communicate between each other and therefore need to be configured to use the same TCP port. More details about jAgent may be found in the jAgent user guide and in the corresponding section of the Knowledgebase.

Configuring jODBC

Developing Applications with jODBC


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