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1. Description

New command CREATE-ACCOUNT to create an pick-style account with a default environment and an entry in the SYSTEM file for use with LOGTO and Q-pointers.

2. Previous Release Behavior


3. Current Release Behavior

Usage: CREATE-ACCOUNT {options} <account_directory> {<account_name>}
       CREATE-ACCOUNT {options} <account_name>


    <account_directory> : the full path or a name relative to the current directory

    <account_name>      : the name of the account record in the SYSTEM file.
                          If <account_name> is not specified, the last element
                          in <account_directory> is used as the account name.

    -m md_path - full path to existing MD (implies -n)
    -n         - do not create an MD for the account
    -r         - generate remote.cmd for Telnet (Windows only)
    -b dirs    - include additional bin directories
    -l dirs    - include additional lib directories
    -h or -?   - show helps (ignored if there are other options)
                 [Options are not case sensitive.]