Usage: DELETE-ACCOUNT {options*} <account_name>


    <account_name> : the name of the account to be deleted.
                     The account name must be defined in the SYSTEM file.

    -f         - Force: Do not prompt to display the account contents or
                        prompt for confirmation to delete the account.
                        This operation is only valid for accounts with no
                        sub or synonym accounts.

    -s         - Delete the account and all sub and synonym accounts.
                 If no sub or synonym accounts then -s is the same as -f.

    -fs or -sf - Delete the account and all sub and synonym account without prompting.
                 WARNING! This is a non-stop one-way ticket with no confirmation that
                          the account will be deleted.

    -l "args"  - Additional arguments for the account directory listing.
                 Arguments must be enclosed in double-quotes.
                 Linux runs:   ls -l "args" account-name | more
                 Windows runs: dir /p "args" account-name
                     Linux example:   -L "-Ao --color=always -Q"
                     Windows example: -L "/TW /S /OE"

    -h or -?   - Show helps (ignored if there are other options).

                 *Options are not case sensitive, e.g. -l = -L

This command requires JEDIFILENAME_SYSTEM to be set to a valid SYSTEM file.